Founded in 1954 by a group of sport riding enthusiasts in Northern California, the American Federation of Motorcyclists is the oldest organization in the country dedicated soley to motorcycle road racing AFM, Inc.
395 Taylor Blvd. #130
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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2018 Rulebook

Active Worker/Associate Licenses - November 2017

Name AFM # Class Name AFM # Class
Amyot, Joseph 160W Worker Barnum, Peter 15A Associate
Armstrong, Lawrence 21W Worker Corcoran, Patrick 32A Associate
Barrs, James 202W Worker Cusick, Stephen 127A Associate
Bawden, Jon 175 Worker Dorsey, Grace 36A Associate
Bessiere, Patricia 162W Worker Jones, Randy 125A Associate
Bessiere, Seth 163W Worker Kieffer, JT 51A Associate
Bloom, Donald 168W Worker Klein, Allison 8A Associate
Brown, Phillip 6W Worker Mindling, Sebastian 124A Associate
Brown, Ryan 31W Worker Mork, Mary 100A Associate
Brown, Tyler 67W Worker Morrisey, Suzanne 370A Associate
Calvert, Scott 173W Worker Norman, Kenny 64A Associate
Capps, Richard 35 Worker Norman, Lisa 35A Associate
Carey, Douglas 118W Worker Simmons, Lee 369 Associate
Cheney, Terry 132 Worker Smith, Barbara 5A Associate
Clough, Corey 44 Worker Smith, Kevin 24A Associate
Cornell, Andrew 174W Worker Spink, Jeffrey 101A Associate
Dalton, Stephen 20W Worker Spink, Karyn 102W Associate
Daughhetee, Kinsy 1W Worker Stewart, Brad 4A Associate
Dede, John 68W Worker Walshe, Jack 88A Associate
DeHart, Vanessa 171W Worker Zarra, Lyndia 49A Associate
Dennison, Sue 26W Worker
Doran, Roger M. 199W Worker
Dorsey, Thomas 36 Worker
Duewel, Mark 95W Worker
Elliott, Shane 140W Worker
Fordyce, Bill 141 Worker
Foster, Aaron 166W Worker
Foster, Dallin 167W Worker
Fredrick, Anna 116W Worker
Goodman Jr., Duane Alan 190W Worker
Graifman, Aaron 185W Worker
Graifman, Glenn 149W Worker
Graifman, Matthew 136W Worker
Gregory, Holly 58W Worker
Gregory, Thomas 52W Worker
Grooms, Lyle 128W Worker
Grooms, Margaret 127W Worker
Hibbert, Betty 57W Worker
Hilt, Cary 710W Worker
Hurley, John 147W Worker
Ingoglia, Joseph 131W Worker
Jarvis, David 154W Worker
Jones, Sandra "Sandy" 66W Worker
Karol, Bob 22X Worker
Kelley, Edward 33W Worker
Kieffer, Paul 79 Worker
King, Lynn Anthony 74W Worker
Lewis, Barbara 47W Worker
Logsdon, Kimberly 157W Worker
Lowe, James 228W Worker
Maruki, Hiroko 164W Worker
McKinney, Theresa 158W Worker
Meyer, Jenna 169W Worker
Morris, Kris 63W Worker
Nardello, Dean 13W Worker
Nardello, Reagan 159W Worker
Norman, Kyle 99W Worker
Ownsbey, Andrew 34W Worker
Patterson, Joel 113W Worker
Patterson, Joel Jr. 112W Worker
Patterson, Nicole 111W Worker
Powell, Diane 191W Worker
Prentice, Ashley Ann 138W Worker
Quezada, David 175W Worker
Reichert, Michael 152W Worker
Reinhard, Adam 87W Worker
Richards, Sam 72 Worker
Robnett, Catherine 155W Worker
Shanks, Stephen 130W Worker
Smith, Douglas 3W Worker
Sullivan, Charles 129W Worker
Tachias, Randy 156W Worker
Tanner, Kinsey "Bud" 53W Worker
Tanner, Rebecca "Becky" 54W Worker
Teevan, Clay 170W Worker
Travis, Robert 142W Worker
Tuck, Christopher 172W Worker
Tyner, Garin 104W Worker
Tyner, Katherine 133W Worker
Wilson, Shaylene 165W Worker
Winstead, Leonard D. 153W Worker
Worthington, David 121 Worker

2018 Race Schedule

March 17-18 Buttonwillow

April 14-15 Buttonwillow

May 26-27 Thunderhill

June 16-17 Thunderhill

July 7-8 Thunderhill

Sept 1-2 Sonoma

Oct 20-21 Thunderhill

AFM Board Meetings

Board meetings are typically held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. General Meetings start at 8:00pm.

 Next Meeting Date:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

 Meeting Location:

Looking Point
391 Taylor Blvd, Suite 120
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

2018 Rule Book

2018 AFM Rulebook is now available for download HERE

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Contact Info

AFM Inc.

395 Taylor Boulevard, #130
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Phone: 510-833-RACE
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Getting Started Is Easy

  • Complete information about the Licensing/Membership process can be found on the Membership Information page.
  • Or call us at: 775-338-8530 and leave complete contact information.