About The AFM

The AFM (American Federation of Motorcyclists) is a non-profit California corporation that was founded in 1954 by a group of sport riding enthusiasts in the North Bay Area. It is the oldest racing organization in the country dedicated soley to motorcycle road racing.

Northern California has one of the largest populations of sport riders in the country. Many of those sport riders find their way from the areas mountain and canyon roads to the AFM and the race track. Many of them, after a season or two on the track, cut back or quit street racing when the relative safety of pushing their limits on the track becomes clear.

The AFM welcomes spectators and racers alike, and we try to provide the best show possible with the safest and most responsible crew you are likely to find. We are a volunteer organization and are always looking for interested people to join in the fun.

You can be part of all the action with the AFM. Come on out to race weekend and be part of the excitement. Become a Racer, Associate Member or Course Worker and get involved in the most exciting motorsport on the face of the earth...

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AFM Racing In 4K 

Produced for AFM by True MVMNT, a montage film created to celebrate the AFM’s 60th anniversary and share the intensity, passion, camaraderie & heart at the center of the West Coast Motorcycle Roadracing Community. This video highlights the excitement of high-speed competition and the challenge and drama present during a typical race weekend with the AFM.

AFM History

The American Federation Of Motorcyclists is not only the oldest motorcycle roadracing club in the United States but has also served as a starting point in the careers of many famous racers. Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Kenny Roberts, Rich Oliver, Steve Rapp and Tony Meiring are just a few of the many top professionals who've raced with the AFM...

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